Monday, December 5, 2011

A Christmas Carol

In the upper-right corner of the blog, from now through Christmas Eve, you'll find a poll inspired by one of my favorite films of all time; "A Christmas Carol". There have been scores of adaptations over the years, and I listed a few which I felt were either influential, popular, or just struck my fancy, but I made sure to leave room for "other" just in case someone just had to share some love for a version I've not included.

Please feel free to share your own thoughts about "A Christmas Carol", including favorite adaptations, actors, and even the book itself (have you ever read it? I have, and it only added to my appreciation for the movies and television adaptations; you can find the original here).

My own personal favorite is the George C. Scott version; Patrick Stewart comes in second or third (Mr. Magoo still holds a special place in my heart-- a product of my age, I suppose), but I don't find him quite as convincing an "evil Scrooge" at the beginning. Scott's transformation is simply brilliant, in my not so humble opinion.

And a bit of Christmas trivia; I always make a point of serving Smoking Bishop at Yule and Christmas, thanks entirely to this work. Try it; it's fantastic on a cold winter's evening when ghosts are about.

I'll be making several Yule and Christmas posts during the season; never forget that I am a true fan of the holiday and the season, even if you might find some conventions overturned and mayhap your own oxen gored.

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