Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Batman Movie News

And The Sun Is There! (That's their copyrighted image to the left, btw, used without permission and please don't sue me; I thought it was brilliant.)

I've got to say I can think of a lot worse people to play the Riddler in the next Batman film, "Gotham". Actors known for their comedy are often some of the best dramatic actors in the right role-- look at what Jonathan Winters did in the Twilight Zone episode "A Game of Pool". And I like the choice of the Riddler as the next villain as it is in keeping with the stated intent of the new series to be less campy and less fantastic. Sticking with a villain who doesn't have a sci-fi origin (like Mr. Freeze) is a good choice.

What bothers me is the insistence that a single villian can't sustain an entire movie. Jack Nicholson proved that wrong in "Batman", and it pains me that the new series is sticking with the necessity of throwing in Catwoman. And they're introducing Robin! The first two films got away with this gimick by linking the two villains in each, but it's getting old. Riddler or Penguin or Catwoman could carry an entire film by themselves, especially when you include a lot of deep character development of Bruce Wayne and his friends which has been some of the best parts of the new films. I wish the producer would have enough confidence to realize that.

I must say I love the decision not to include the name "Batman" in the title of the sequels. Beautiful move; we don't see "James Bond and the Diamond Laser Weapon". But Shia Labeouf as Robin? I think we could have done a tad better with the casting on that one, guys.

UPDATE: Apparently this is a false rumor floating around teh intarwebs. PHEW! The comments on multiple villains per movie, of course, still stand.

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