Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Dark Knight: Pre-Review

I am a huge fan of Batman, although I've never bought a single DC comic book.

I watched the old ABC show in syndication as a kid, not really understanding until later that it was supposed to be a comedy. But once I saw the first Michael Keaton movie, with that wonderful Jack Nicholson Joker, I was hooked. Then Batman: The Animated Series came out, and its sequels and associated spin-offs, and I was loving every minute of it. Hell, I even still watch Batman and Robin (the last, awful one with Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy), because it does have a couple of redeeming moments.

I absolutely adored the restart of the franchise with Christian Bale, and have been looking forward to the sequel The Dark Knight with great anticipation. I have been scouring the web for reviews, and haven't seen a bad one.

Until now.

Stephanie Zacharek at seems to have a bit of an issue with the film, as she did with its predecessor, and if you go through some of her other reviews, you'll be treated to an incredibly condescending view from atop the Ivory Tower (which assuredly doesn't exist in Gotham City). Hell, she didn't even like the inescapably terrific WALL-E. Her liberal/feminist credentials come out in full force in her reviews, and it's sad, given that she is supposed to be giving opinions about films, not about how they interact with her particular socio-political views.

I'll have a full review of The Dark Knight after I see it this weekend. I cannot wait to see Ms. Zacharek's review of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. Dollars to donuts she uses the phrase "I'm conflicted" at least once.

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